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The Public is working diligently to release digital content that is accessible to as many people as possible. Most of our digital content being released is brand new. The Public believes that it is imperative to offer our artists the opportunity to complete the rehearsal process and premiere the event before our partners in accessibility begin their work in developing an interpretation, an audio description, or a translation. This process also aligns with the strategy in preparing for in-person accessible programming at The Public. Specifics about each format and whom they serve are detailed below.

Video content will include at least an Auto-Generated Closed Captioning (CC) for premieres, and an English CC will be available shortly after the premiere. We will be offering auto CC for live events held on ZOOM or other platforms of that type. We are working with our artists and HandsOn to release American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted performances for new video content when appropriate and when the interpretation can artistically add to the production for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Each new video or digital piece brings its challenges in effectively delivering the interpretation. We are actively engaging with Deaf and Hard of Hearing partners in access and patrons for feedback on how to accomplish this effectively. We hope to release ASL interpreted performances one week after the premiere of the production live online. We will not offer ASL interpreted videos for our audio plays, but a CC and .WAV video will be available within one week of a live event or release.

We have contracted 3PlayMedia to create Audio Descriptions (AD) for new video content when appropriate. To ensure an effective AD is added to these videos, we hope to release AD videos one week after productions premiere live online.

We have also contracted 3PlayMedia to translate and add Subtitles to our new video productions when appropriate. This access will vary based on interest and funding available. 

To offer feedback, request accommodation, or assistance in accessing these digital events and performances, please email us at

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