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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our  Select Your Own Seat (SYOS) reservation process for Free Shakespeare in the Park, but if you have questions that are not answered below, please Send us a Message or call us at 212.967.7555 for assistance.

Do I have to select my own seat?

No, after logging into your account to access your donor benefits and agreeing to our Health and Safety protocols, you can choose Best Available, and the ticketing system will choose the best available seat based on your donor benefits. 

Can I do this on my phone?

Yes, SYOS is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, but we encourage you to use your desktop as the map is very big, and using a desktop simplifies your seat selection process.  

I can see the aerial view of The Delacorte, but when I click on the section to view available seats, nothing happens. Is there something wrong?

Be sure you are logged into your Public Theater Account to access your donor benefits and utilize SYOS. If you are logged in, give the page a refresh, as it may just need a moment to load fully.

I can’t remember my username or password.

Visit the password reset page and enter the email address you receive emails from The Public Theater.

How do I know if there are seats available without clicking into each section?

Sections with seats available are “GREEN” and clickable, while sections without seats available are “GREY with A DIAGONAL STRIPE” and not clickable. 

Why does a section turn to red, from green, after I hover over it with my mouse?

This is just indicating a section with seats available, and it is ready to be clicked on to zoom in on the section and view available seats. 

What if I click into the map and all sections are a solid light gray color?

If you try to view the seat map, and all sections are displayed in a solid light gray color, unfortunately, the performance you have selected is outside of your giving year. Please choose a different date within your year of donation, or renew your donation to The Public before returning the original date of delivery. 

How do I view the seats in a section?

Hover the section you wish to view seats in; it will turn from green to red when you hover over it, and then click on the section.  

What do all the colored circles mean on the map?

Those represent the seats in the section. Some are available to reserve, some are not available for physical distancing, others have already been reserved, and some are only available to be reserved if you or a member of your party require accessible seating. Click on “SHOW LEGEND” in the bottom right corner to learn what each color means specifically. 

What do the letters represent?

The ROW the seats are in. 

Can I choose another section/how do I get back to the aerial view of the theater?

On the top right, click “CHOOSE ANOTHER SECTION” to be taken back to the aerial view of the theater and choose another section. 

What if there are not enough seats in a section to accommodate my party?

Your party will possibly have to split up into different sections based on available seats. We encourage you to check another section before finalizing your cart. 

What if there are not enough seats at a performance to accommodate my party?

If there are not enough seats available, we cannot accommodate your preferred performance date. Please select another date. 

Can I select wheelchair-accessible seating for my party?

Yes, but you must attest that a member of your party requires wheelchair-accessible seating. The Public reserves the right to relocate your party if you reserve accessible seating without a need for it. Wheelchair-accessible seating is available in Sections A, B, C, D, and E in Row CC. If you need any assistance with booking wheelchair accessible or other accommodations for people who have a disability, please call us at 212.967.7555 or email us at We would be happy to assist you. For more information on accessible sections of The Delacorte, visit VENUE SPECIFIC ACCESSIBILITY AT THE DELACORTE.

What if I changed my mind and want other seats?

Click the large red X next to any of the seats listed on the right side of the page to release them and choose other seats.

What are digital tickets?

Digital tickets allow you to skip the box office window at The Delacorte. Learn more about Accessing Your Digital Tickets.

What if I decide after I finish my reservation that I want different seats or a different performance date?

Please call us at 212.967.7555, and we will be happy to assist you with exchanging your tickets for new seats or a new date. 

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