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We are excited to welcome you back to The Delacorte for our 60th anniversary of Free Shakespeare in the Park. Learn more about what to expect during your visit below. 









Where can I find information about ADA Accessibility at The Delacorte?

Please visit the Accessibility Services for People with Disabilities page for more information about accessibility accommodations and services—and feel free to Send us a Message if you have questions.

Where can I find information about venue-specific ADA Accessibility at The Delacorte?

You can find specifics about wheelchairs locations, limited stair options, railings, and ramps at VENUE SPECIFIC ACCESSIBILITY. Also, visit DIRECTIONS, TRANSIT, AND PARKING AT THE DELACORTE for ADA Accessible walking paths and transit options. 

Who can I contact if I have questions or want to request an ADA Accommodation?

We welcome people with disabilities. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 212.967.7555 or We are happy to help.

Are service animals permitted at The Delacorte?

Yes, a service animal is a working animal, not a pet. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as  any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Dogs that satisfy this definition are considered service animals under the ADA regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified by a state or local government or any other entity. The Public has the right under the law to exclude a service animal only if the animal is out of control or not housebroken and the animal's handler does not control it. Pets are not permitted at The Delacorte. 
Here are some examples of tasks a service  animal might perform:
  • Assisting with navigation, or stability and balance;
  • Alerting to sounds or allergens;
  • Pulling wheelchairs, carrying and retrieving items;
  • Seizure assistance;
  • Interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors.

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How do I get to The Delacorte?


Are there specific Health & Safety protocols in place this summer?

Yes, please visit Safe in the Park 2022 for specifics about Health & Safety at The Delacorte this summer. 

What's the dress code for The Delacorte?

Going to The Delacorte is undoubtedly a special occasion, but there is no dress code. As most performances are weeknights, you will find that most people wear comfortable and casual business attire, but you will often observe people in jeans, khakis, and even shorts. Some people like to dress up and make a special night of it, and you can too, but above all, we want you to feel comfortable. We ask you politely to consider the disabilities of other people and possible allergic reactions when applying fragrances, including perfumes or colognes, as people are sitting nearby during the performance. Shoes and shirts are required to enter the venue. 

What's the weather like at The Delacorte?

Get the latest seven-day forecast from the National Weather Service.

Although no performance is cancelled before the scheduled curtain, it is essential to remember that there is no roof over the Delacorte, and covered areas are nominal. We encourage you to read the following for suggestions on what to expect in Central Park regarding weather and how to dress in response to the weather. 

Performances in May and June have mild and pleasant temperatures. While the weather is typically sunny and partly cloudy, you may want to bring along an umbrella or other gear just in case.
Performances in July and August are pretty warm and humid in Central Park; even after the sun goes down, we encourage you to dress comfortably for the warm weather and bring water if it looks like rain; bring an umbrella or a poncho. 
Performances in September  can be some of the most beautiful in Central Park when the days are clear and bright and the nights turn crisp. We encourage you to bring a jacket or sweater for evening performances, and as always, if it looks like rain, bring an umbrella or a poncho. 

Where are the restrooms at The Delacorte?

The restrooms are located in the Stone Cottage, outside The Delacorte, across from Gate 2. The bathrooms are maintained by a staffing company hired by the Central Park Conservancy, but please share any concerns you may have, and we will pass your concerns along to the Conservancy.

Can I smoke in Central Park?

No,  smoking is prohibited in Central Park, including  vaping and e-cigarettes, and violators are subject to a $50 fine. 

Can I bring a bag into The Delacorte?

If it is smaller than 16" x 16" x 8", read the DELACORTE BAG POLICY for complete details.

Is there a bag check before entering The Delacorte?

Yes, all bags are subject to search before entering the theater. This inspection may include the use of metal detectors. Learn more about the DELACORTE BAG POLICY and  SECURITY POLICIES AT THE DELACORTE.

Can I bring a stroller to the performance?

No, strollers are not permitted at The Delacorte due to a lack of storage. 

I lost an item while visiting The Delacorte. Is there a "Lost and Found"?

If you lose an item while visiting The Delacorte, please call The Delacorte Box Office at 212.539.8662. Found objects are logged into a database and are held in a secure location through the end of our performance season. 

Are performances appropriate for my child?

All ages are welcome for productions and events at The Delacorte Theater, including Free Shakespeare in the Park. Still, only children five and older may receive complimentary tickets through our free ticket distributions. Children under age five are not required to have a ticket and may sit on your lap during the performance after acquiring a lap voucher at your entry gate into the theater. You are responsible for the behavior of your children during a performance. You will be asked to exit the theater if your child becomes a distraction to the performance or other guests around them.   

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We are still developing our plans for the return of concessions and merchandise at The Delacorte for the Summer of 2022. Check back to this section sometime in May 2022.

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Does The Public Theater have a Photography & Video Policy at The Delacorte?

The Public Theater welcomes anyone to capture photos inside Central Park, outside The Delacorte, and your party in your seats, before a performance begins, during intermission, or after a performance. However, still and video photography is not permitted during performances unless otherwise stated via signage or with the express permission of The Public Theater staff.

For the safety of everyone, cameras must be self-contained and handheld; detachable lenses may not exceed 5" in length; and the use of tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks is prohibited.
Members of the news media, individuals seeking permissions for commercial or documentary photography/videography, and individuals who wish to stage large-scale or formal photoshoots should email us at for assistance with your request.


What should I expect when I arrive at The Delacorte Theater for a performance?

Your arrival at The Delacorte will be an exciting experience, as the area around the theater is often bustling with crowds and energy. If this is your first time at The Delacorte, we encourage you to leave early to ensure that you arrive before the performance begins, as we are not on the edge of Central Park but about a 5-10 minute walk from the West Side entrance and 10-15 minutes from the East Side entrance into the park. Our Box Office is located outside The Delacorte in the center of the building if you are picking up tickets. 
If your tickets were delivered digitally, signage and staff would direct you to the appropriate gate for entry into the venue as soon as the seating begins. Your bags are subject to search before the performance, and we have a limit to the size of the bags that can enter the venue, so make sure you pack exactly what you need. Water, an umbrella or poncho, and other essentials are recommended. Staff will then help you verify your vaccine and booster information before your tickets are verified by our staff or scan them yourself at our contactless ticket scanning stations. Please make your way up the stairs or wheelchair-accessible ramp to the inside of the theater, where our staff will guide you to your section, row, and seat. Take note of the surrounding exits to familiarize yourself with the space in the event of an emergency. 
Feel free to take that selfie of you or your party in your seats before the performance, and make sure you tag us @PublicTheaterNY on Instagram. Make sure you turn off your cell phone or any noise-generating device before the lights go out. Applause, laughter, tears, joy, excitement, and sadness are just some things you can encounter and experience during the performance, and we encourage you to do it all. We encourage you to stay at your seats at the end of the performance until the house lights come up, and hopefully, you are still offering our cast and crew an ongoing standing ovation as they do. We can't wait to welcome you back this summer or to The Delacorte for the first time.

What time should I arrive at The Delacorte for performances to ensure I get in?

We offer a 30-minute seating window at The Delacorte. As a reminder, your seats are already assigned, and there is no need to line up at the theater before the gates have opened. 

What is your policy on seating for "Late Arrivals"?

Ticketed seat locations are not guaranteed past the scheduled curtain time printed on tickets. Late seating is solely at the discretion of the theater management for all performances, and late seating policies are subject to change per production. Please plan your travel carefully, and leave extra time for traffic, mass transit delays, parking, and walking to the theater.

What should I expect during the performance?

Please remember to turn off your cell phones, pagers, watch alarms, or any other device that might make noise during the performance. Also, please unwrap any candies before the performance begins. For most productions, audience cues can often be taken from the house lights. Talking is permitted if the lights are up; if the lights are down, talking is discouraged.

Can I return to my seat if I leave the theater during the performance? 

If you must leave the theater during the performance, you will be required to present your ticket for re-entry. You may be held at your entrance gate until an appropriate break or transition in the performance upon your return. Re-entry to the theater may be denied at the discretion of our theater management. 


Can I buy tickets to Free Shakespeare in the Park?

No, we do not sell tickets to performances of Free Shakespeare in the Park. Still, we offer complimentary, reserved seating to our performances through a donation in support of The Public Theater. Only a limited number of reserved seats are available at any performance. Learn more about all of our Donor Programs and reserve your seats today. 

What are the distribution options for free tickets to Free Shakespeare in the Park?


Does my child need to have a ticket for the performance?

Children five and older must have their own ticket for a performance. Children under age five are not required to have a ticket and may sit on your lap during the performance after acquiring a lap voucher at your entry gate into the theater.

My tickets are being Held at The Box Office. Do I need to show identification to retrieve them?

When picking up tickets at The Delacorte Box Office, you will be asked to present some form of identification. Please have your ID before arriving at the box office window. If you will not be present to supply identification when picking up tickets for a performance, please contact Audience Services at 212.967.7555 and ask for assistance arranging a "Hold Under" name to be added to the order. You may also make this request when reserving your tickets online and over the phone.

Are group tickets available for Free Shakespeare in the Park for my corporate outing?

Yes, through our Corporate Partnership program, learn more here.

I found a ticket to Free Shakespeare in the Park on Stubhub or another third-party resale website. Is it valid?

Official tickets for Free Shakespeare in the Park performances are available only by donating through our website at PUBLICTHEATER.ORG or calling Audience Services at 212.967.7555 and our free distributions. Please be wary of any other sites claiming to sell tickets to our events. We do not endorse third-party sites, and we cannot guarantee or verify the validity of any tickets purchased in this way. If entry into our venues is attempted with an illegitimate ticket or one obtained under fraudulent circumstances, we will not honor it even if money has been exchanged between you and a non-endorsed sales channel. The Public is not financially responsible for any monetary loss you incur.

The Public Theater is a non-profit organization that relies on the financial support of generous donors and ticket sales. Although we strongly discourage third-party sales, it is legal in New York, but within the law's limits: 

Ticket resellers must be licensed and bonded by the state. Regardless of licensure, one cannot resell tickets within 1500 feet of the venue. Regardless of licensure, one must issue a refund if the purchaser cannot go to the event through no fault of their own.

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