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Suppose you are no longer receiving emails from The Public Theater. In that case, you may have opted out, unsubscribed, or marked a previous communication as Spam, causing all emails from us to stop automatically. 

To re-subscribe:
Please fill out this form and submit it.
You will then receive an automatic reply email.
Click the link in the email to re-confirm your subscription.
Once you're re-subscribed, here are some additional steps to assist you in making sure our emails come through to your inbox:
Add to your contact list. Adding someone to your Contact list helps ensure they won't end up in your Spam folder down the road.
Reply to or forward one of your emails from your inbox. This is often the easiest remedy to the issue in quickly reestablishing delivery to the inbox.
Check your "blocked recipients" list, as it is possible was accidentally moved to this list; you should attempt to move the address to the unblocked list. This may be the same as step 2, depending on the email client.
Consider setting up a filter that will send the emails to a new folder, thus diverting the Spam folder's message.

If you are still not receiving emails from The Public after following these steps, don't hesitate to contact Audience Services by calling 212.967.7555 or Send us a Message

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