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The bag policy was created for the safety of all our guests and to create a more efficient and enjoyable venue entry process. 


  • Bags that exceed 16" x 16" x 8", including suitcases and duffle bags, are now prohibited inside The Delacorte Theater, except as provided herein. Prohibiting large and oversized bags allows us to enhance security and expedite the security screening process while entering The Delacorte Theater.
  • To simplify, bags should fit under the seat and not impede walkways and access to seats.
  • The Public Theater will search all bags before they are permitted to enter the venue.
  • There is no storage available at The Delacorte for bags of any size.  


  • All purses, diaper bags, backpack-style, tote, drawstring, and messenger style bags, along with small soft-sided coolers that do not exceed 16" x 16" x 8", are still permitted.


  • All suitcases and duffle bags, regardless of size or style.
  • Bags that exceed 16" x 16" x 8".
  • Bags that will not fit under your seat will not be permitted into The Delacorte.
  • See the complete list of other prohibited items in The Delacorte Theater Security Policy.
  • Exceptions will be made for bags used for ADA/medical reasons. 


Why is this being done? 
Enhanced security and a more efficient guest entry process are the driving forces behind this policy change. Your safety and experience at The Delacorte for all our guests remain our priority. 
Why bags above 16” x 16” x 8"? Can't a purse have just as many pockets to search, so why are you allowing that style of bag? 
Large bags, like suitcases and duffle bags, have many compartments and are cumbersome to inspect. By setting a size limit, we can limit the number of bags that meet this criterion by prohibiting easily identifiable bags. It allows us to screen guests faster and more effectively. 
Won't this slow down entry into The Delacorte? 
Eliminating bags larger than 16” x 16” x 8” from the possibility of entering The Delacorte will only speed up the entry process, as the bag scanning process will only improve with easier to search bags. 
Does this mean I cannot bring in my laptop? Soft-sided cooler? 
Tote bags, purses, diaper bags, drawstrings, laptop & messenger bags, along with small soft-sided coolers, are bags still permitted in The Delacorte if they are no larger than 16" x 16" x 8". Security will screen them before entry. Laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices are still allowed to be brought with you to The Delacorte but are prohibited from being used during the performance, except when you access GalaPro for Closed Captioning, Translation, and Audio Description. 
I am bringing my family to the performance. Can I bring in a bottle of water or a juice box? 
You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into The Delacorte within the following protocols: 
  • No glass is permitted inside the theater.
  • All items must fit into a bag or cooler that aligns with the bag policy.
  • Alcohol is not permitted inside the theater.
  • Knives or silverware that could also be considered a weapon are not permitted.
  • Water is encouraged for all guests in reusable water bottles or sealed single-use water bottles. 
Can I store my oversized bag at The Delacorte somewhere? 
There are no bag check facilities at The Delacorte, so it is important to make other arrangements for oversized bag storage before arriving at the theater. 
I have medical needs; what am I supposed to do without bringing in my oversized bag? 
Suppose, for any reason, your medical equipment cannot be stored or transported in any of our approved bags (i.e., tote bags or drawstring bags). In that case, exceptions to our bag policy can be made for bags larger than 16” x 16” x 8” used for ADA/medical/nursing reasons. Please speak to a Public Theater or Security Staff member assigned to your entry gate to receive the proper permissions and credentials needed to bring your bag into The Delacorte. 

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