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As an event/performance date approaches, we may release tickets that were previously held for the artists or members of donor programs.

Why are tickets released?

  • The artists may no longer need the tickets held when the event/performance originally went on sale.
  • Members of our Partners Program are offered complimentary tickets to Public Theater and Free Shakespeare in the Park performances and events for their generous support. Members of our Supporters and Supporter Plus Programs are offered complimentary tickets to Free Shakespeare in the Park performances based on their giving levels. Learn more about becoming a Supporter or Partner of The Public Theater
  • Once the stage or event is set up or production has finished its staging, we may have a better idea about which seats are obstructed. Sometimes events and performances are so popular that even seats with obstructed views are released for sale!
TIP: Check back often and consider our Full Price Standby for productions and events at Astor Place. 

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