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You can join our Full Price Standby, to purchase tickets, on the day of the performance you wish to attend for a Public Theater or Joe's Pub performance or event. Below are the specifics of how to join Full Price Standby:

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  • Visit The Taub Box Office at 5PM for an evening performance and 12PM Noon for matinee performances to have your name added to our Full Price Standby List.
  • You must have a Public Theater Account; visit to confirm or create a Public Theater Account before arriving at The Public.
  • Our Full Price Standby list is managed digitally. You can share your mobile phone number to receive text updates about availability or use one of our pagers which requires you to remain in the building while waiting for updates.
  • All guests are subject to following The Public Theater Health and Safety plan for the performance date and time they wish to purchase tickets.


  • If you opted to receive text messages for Standby and left the building after being added to the list, we encourage you to check-in at our box office at The Public at least one hour before the scheduled curtain and no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled curtain. If you fail to check-in at the box office 30 minutes before the curtain, your spot on the list will be forfeited. Those who do not check back in are removed from the list. 
  • If you opted to use one of our pagers, you are not required to check-in at the box office 30 minutes before the scheduled curtain.
  • As the scheduled curtain approaches, please keep your pager or smart device nearby as a page or text message could come anytime if and when tickets become available. 
  • Once you receive a text message or page, please report to the Taub Box Office immediately, and our staff will be ready to assist you with your purchase. 
  • Please have your form of payment readily available upon arrival, as ticket sales often happen just minutes before the curtain goes up.
  • You will not be able to choose your seats for the performance; our staff will assign them to you based on their release and the best available. 
  • We will do our best to accommodate requests for accommodations for people with mobility disabilities. Still, most available tickets are last-minute cancellations and are usually not accessible by wheelchair or other mobility devices.
  • Please do not block the box office windows or repeatedly inquire about availability with the box office staff. We will contact you if and when tickets become available. Those who fail to follow this policy will be dismissed from the list. 


  • You will be added to the list in the order you arrive at The Public. Please confirm Taub Box Office hours before visiting The Public, and lines created before the box office are discouraged.  
  • Tickets are not guaranteed on our Full Price Standby for any performance or event.
  • If and when tickets become available, the tickets will be sold at the full price plus applicable fees. If you are a Supporter or Partner of The Public Theater and have not used your benefits for a Public Theater production, the tickets will be offered at the current Supporter/Partner Price and with no fees.
  • Student, Rush, and other ticket discounts will not be offered on Full Price Standby.
  • There is a limit to purchasing only two tickets per name listed on Full Price Standby.
  • We cannot offer guests who have requested past date tickets for Public Theater performances access to courtesy tickets on the Full Price Standby list. 
  • The Taub Box Office has the right not to offer a Full Price Standby list for any performance or event.
  • The Taub Box Office has the right to limit the number of guests on the Full Price Standby list or to close a Full Price Standby list early.
  • The Taub Box Office has the right to remove any guests who do not follow the Full Price Standby policies and directions of the box office staff from the list.
  • All policies are subject to change at The Public's sole discretion and without notice. 

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