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You may return your tickets online for MY ACCOUNT credit by visiting our website, logging into your Public Theater account, and visiting the MY ACCOUNT page. This process can also be used to exchange your tickets online by following the steps below and placing your returned funds on MY ACCOUNT for use to purchase tickets on your new preferred date and time


Log in at


On the MY ACCOUNT page

Graphic, Example of My Account Page on The Public Theater Website


Please scroll down to MY UPCOMING SHOWS. And locate the performance you wish to return your tickets to. 

Graphic, Text, My Upcoming Shows. Text, Event Title and Information, View Digital Tickets, Return My Tickets


Click RETURN MY TICKETS to begin the process, and a pop-up window will open to offer you options for your returned ticket funds. You can add the funds to your Public Theater account or donate the funds to The Public Theater.

Graphic, Text, Return My Tickets, Select an option below to let us know what you would like to do with the funds used to purchase your tickets. Radial Button, Credit my Public Theater account for full cost of ticket purchase. Radial button, Donate to the Public Theater full cost of ticket purchase. Button, Submit.


Partners can also cancel their tickets and return the benefits to their yearly allotment.

Text, Return My Tickets, Are you sure you'd like to return your tickets? Return


You will receive an email confirming the return of your tickets.

Text, Public Theater Returned Ticket Confirmation, The Public Theater to Joe Papp, Your Tickets have been successfully returned. Event and order number information.


ON ACCOUNT funds from returned tickets must be used by August 15 or the following August 15 of each calendar year.

  • Example 1: MY ACCOUNT funds that were added to your account on March 10 would expire on August 15 of the same year.  
  • Example 2: MY ACCOUNT funds that were added to your account on November 1 would expire on August 15 of the following year.  

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