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Accepting shared Digital Tickets is easy! Follow these steps, and you'll have your tickets in no time. Knowing and trusting the person sharing digital tickets with you is always a good idea.



Click on the link shared with you by the ticket owner, whether it was delivered by text message, email, or another messenger.


On the webpage, click the button to LOGIN OR REGISTER TO ACCEPT the digital tickets.


Log into your Digital Ticket Wallet using your Public Theater Website Email or Username and Public Theater Website Password. If you don't have a Public Theater Account click the REGISTER button below the black LOGIN button. Once completed, the digital tickets are now in your wallet. 


Will the person sending the Digital Tickets know I accepted them?
Once you accept the ticket, the sender can see that you have accepted the digital tickets in their digital wallet. 
Will the person I share Digital Tickets with need a Public Theater Account?

Yes, and it takes just a few seconds to create one. If they already have a Public Theater Account, be sure your guest uses their Public Theater Website Username/Email Address and Password to log into the digital ticket wallet and accept the shared tickets from you. If they do not have a Public Theater Account, they should click on the REGISTER button after following your shared link to create one and then accept the shared digital tickets. Learn more about CREATING A PUBLIC THEATER ACCOUNT FOR SHARED TICKETS.

Why do I need to create a Public Theater Account to accept shared Digital Tickets?

Our digital tickets are delivered through a secure website that links your Public Theater Account directly with the digital tickets you have received. Secure digital tickets are hard to be lost or stolen and helps The Public with security at our venues. Shared digital tickets are not valid until you have claimed them and they have been moved to your secure digital ticket wallet online. 

I lost the email/text for my transferred tickets. What do I do?
Ask the sender to click the black SHARE THIS INVITE AGAIN button to generate a new link for you to use to claim the digital tickets. If you still have trouble finding the link, ask the owner to send it to you in a different format, such as by email rather than a text message.
I accepted tickets but can't find them.

Do you have another Public Theater Account you might have used to accept the digital tickets? Were you using a device that was logged into another account? Take a moment to confirm your Public Theater Account(s) by visiting

Can I share Digital Tickets that someone shared with me?

Yup, once you accept the digital tickets, they're all yours. Can't use them? Return them to the person who sent them to you or anyone you want if the SHARE TICKETS button is in your wallet. 

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