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Digital Ticket Sharing allows you to share tickets with your friends and family! Whether buying for a group or gifting someone a surprise ticket, you can share tickets with a few taps.


  1. Send a Gift- Surprise those you love with tickets to an event and send the digital tickets directly to them with our Digital Ticket Wallet
  2. Meeting Up- Reduce stress by sending friends and family their tickets–allowing everyone to enter the event on their own time.
  3. Move Around the Event- By sharing tickets with those attending, they can have their ticket in hand.



After logging into your wallet on your mobile device, locate the event you would like to share tickets to and tap to view your tickets.


Click the SHARE TICKETS button.


Let us know who is coming with you and which tickets to share.


Send the Digital Tickets to your guest.


How does Digital Ticket sharing work?

When you share a digital ticket, the person you send the tickets to will accept the digital tickets with our secure system. When the digital ticket is accepted, we only deliver the secure refreshing QR code to the recipient at the designated time and date for use at the venue. 

What's the benefit of sharing Digital Tickets?
Sharing a digital ticket allows you to securely send tickets from your Public Theater Digital Ticket Wallet to other people. You can choose to send some or all of your digital tickets. Sharing your digital tickets allows everyone attending the event to have their ticket! It's convenient, safe, and completely free.
Do I have to share all of my Digital Tickets?

No, you can share all or some of your digital tickets with your guests. 
Will the person I share Digital Tickets with need a Public Theater Account?
Yes, and it takes just a few seconds to create one. If they already have a Public Theater Account, be sure your guest uses their Public Theater Website Username/Email Address and Password to log into the digital ticket wallet and accept the shared tickets from you. If they do not have a Public Theater Account, they should click on the REGISTER button after following your shared link to create one and then accept the shared digital tickets. Learn more about CREATING A PUBLIC THEATER ACCOUNT FOR SHARED TICKETS
How do I know if my guest has accepted the tickets?
Once you share a digital ticket, you will see one of two statuses.
  • If you see "TICKET SHARED WITH (PENDING) and YOUR GUEST'S NAME," your friend has not accepted the digital tickets yet.
    • You may want to remind them to check their email or text messages for the ticket invite link you sent them.
    • At this stage, you can also "Share the invite again" or "Get this ticket back" in your wallet. 
  • If you see "TICKET ACCEPTED BY and YOUR GUEST'S NAME," your guest has claimed your tickets.
    • At this stage, as the owner of the tickets, you can also "Get this ticket back" in your wallet. 
Can I share Digital Tickets that had been shared with me?
Yes, you are now the ticket recipient once you accept the tickets. Can't use 'em? Please return them to the person who sent them or share them with anyone you want.
Can I share my Digital Tickets before the secure refreshing QR code has been delivered at the designated time and date on the ticket? 
If you see the Share Tickets button on your tickets, you're good to go–even if your secure QR code isn't live yet.
Can I share my Digital Tickets from my desktop computer?
Yes, you can, but we encourage you to use your mobile phone as the process was designed for mobile-first use. If you still prefer to use your desktop, please copy the link offered to you, during the sharing process, into an email and send it to your guest. The link will not display the tickets but will redirect your guest to a landing page where they will claim the tickets.
Web browsers may offer sharing options similar to those usually on mobile devices. Still, we encourage you to copy the link supplied and email it from your preferred email address or use your mobile device for sharing. 

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